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YouTube is a pretty great place to get free information on a given subject, including medicine and healthcare. There are a lot of great YouTube channels out there that are dedicated to discussing the latest and greatest in healthcare news, as well as teaching viewers about proper healthcare practices, and even helping med students with their studies. Here are a few of the best healthcare-focused YouTube channels.

One Minute Medical School

The One Minute Medical School channel is fairly self-explanatory. Most of the content you’ll find on this channel is about explaining medical conditions, terms, and much more in one minute or less. The host, Dr. Rob Tarzwell, is an expert at breaking down complicated medical topics to make them understandable and relatable to viewers. You’ll find videos on plenty of topics such as cardio-respiratory medicines, radiobiology, nuclear medicine, and much more.


Osmosis is a channel that aims to educate the general public about important medical concepts. Similar to other channels, it uses visual aids such as eye-catching animations. This channel also has a variety of language and descriptions designed to help people around the world learn more about their bodies. In addition, they have a website that features practice questions and flashcards. This is a great channel if you’re a medical student who wants a quick refresher on a variety of topics.

Armand Hasudungan

The Armand Hasudungan channel is focused on simplifying and explaining the various medical terms and conditions. Most of its videos are accompanied by animations that are designed to make these terms easier to understand. This is a great resource for medical students who are looking to improve their understanding of complicated concepts. The channel mainly covers topics such as microbiology, embryology, cell biology, and the reproductive system.

Medlife Crisis

Dr. Rohin Francis is a cardiologist and a university researcher who runs Medlife Crisis, a channel that features funny and relatable videos. Unlike many channels, he doesn’t try to make his videos too complex or boring. Instead, he uses humor and jokes to make his videos more entertaining and hopefully easier for you to engage with. Trying to learn some fun and interesting bits of information about healthcare? Look no further than Medlife Crisis.

Khan Academy Medicine

One of the most popular YouTube channels is Khan Academy, which provides a high-quality education through its free video-sharing platform. This channel should be familiar to any healthcare workers in the younger generations. The channel was created only a few years ago and already boasts well over 1 million subscribers. Aside from videos about medical conditions, this channel also has a variety of working examples and teaching resources.