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As a chiropractor, you will always be looking for ways to grow your client base. In addition to expanding your reach geographically, you can also increase your community’s usefulness by expanding your services. Here are a few things you can try adding to the services you offer your clientele.


Water therapy, or hydrotherapy, is very useful in relieving muscle tension, reducing inflammation, and alleviating some pain. Investing in one or two hot tubs can pay off for your business while providing an enjoyable therapy for your clients. Many of your clients may come to your office rather than visit a day spa in the area.

Massage Therapy

This is a service you can provide by yourself once you get your certification or hire a licensed and experienced massage therapist. Offering this service will allow you to supplement the chiropractic care you already provide. Patients often reveal that receiving a deep tissue massage first enhances their results through a chiropractic session.


Another way to enhance your chiropractic care services is to provide electrotherapy, which involves attaching electrodes to the client’s neck and back. The electrodes pass a measured electrical impulse from the machine to the patient. This is effective in helping to reduce seizures, muscle spasms, and chronic pain. Research has also found that it can improve natural bone growth.

Ultrasound Therapy

Clients who suffer from chronic muscle pain or athletic clients can benefit from the effects of ultrasound on the muscles. A series of vibrations are directed at specific muscle groups, causing those muscles to generate heat. The heat boosts the flow of blood through the muscles, allowing them to relax and expand. This type of therapy provides benefits similar to those provided by deep tissue massages and heat therapy but takes much less time.

There are many more types of therapy you can add to your list of services that will complement the chiropractic care you provide. Increasing your list of services and making your clients aware of the benefits they provide can help you generate more business. As your practice grows and more people in your community show interest in your broader range of services, you’ll find that any investment you make to add those services will be well worth it.