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Neck pain is one of the physical health problems from which many people suffer. Over a third of the global population experience this type of pain every year. The most common causes of neck pain are poor posture and muscle overuse. Neck pain became more prevalent during the pandemic due to more people spending time on their phones and working from home, and not having good posture. One of the effects of neck pain is hindering quality sleep. Closing your eyes to rest isn’t easy when experiencing this kind of pain; here are some tips you can use to improve sleep quality while experiencing neck pain

One of the expert-approved tips used to improve sleep while suffering neck pain is taking posture breaks, adopting a culture of standing up, stretching, and opening up shoulders during the day. These activities can help to improve oxygenated blood circulation to the brain and body. To avoid skipping this routine, set a timer for every 35 minutes. Better flow of oxygenated blood can help result in less pain. One can even take a posture break by leaning against a wall or lying flat on a hard surface such as the floor. These positions allow the spine to return to its natural alignment. Also, refrain from sleeping on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach has the effect of aggravating neck pain. Spine misalignment can also be caused by sleeping on your stomach. The best sleeping solution should be on your side or back.

 Choosing the right pillow is another expert-approved strategy that you can adopt to reduce neck pain while sleeping. The pillow you choose will depend on your sleeping posture. A taller pillow is an ideal choice for those who sleep on their side. However, if you love sleeping on your back, opt for a thin but squishy pillow. Also, set yourself up for success. To avoid hurting your neck during the day, set up an ergonomic working station. Strive to put working devices such as phones or computers at eye level. Having an ergonomic working station prevents one from constantly bending down. This position is far more ideal than working from your bed or your dining room table.