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Slouching on the couch may seem like a great way to get comfortable after a long day at work, but this behavior may come back to haunt you in the future. It’s important to maintain good posture as much as possible. This is done by keeping your head, back, and shoulders perfectly straight at all times. While this may seem a little inconvenient, it will pay off in the long run. These are the four biggest benefits of good posture.

No Chronic Pain

Back and neck pain are chronic ailments many people suffer from on a regular basis. The most common cause of this chronic pain is poor posture. Slumping over forces the muscles into unusual positions, which can cause your back and neck muscles to become overstretched, causing them to weaken over time. You can also experience tightness in the chest and hip muscles. The best way to relieve this pain is by sitting up straight.

Improved Circulation

The heart is responsible for sending blood to the rest of the body. This helps your muscles and organs get the oxygen they need to survive and perform at a high level. To make it simple, think about your body as a hose. It’s harder for the blood to circulate when the body is scrunched up. If you sit up straight, then there is nothing to slow down blood flow to the rest of your body.

Better Organ Performance

Your brain uses the nervous system to send signals to your organs. These signals must pass through the spine before reaching your organs. A straight spine caused by good posture will make it easier for these brain signals to get where they need to go. This process is a lot more complicated when you have poor posture. Slouching also reduces your lung function because they are not able to fully inflate.

Increased Energy Levels

The improved organ performance and increased circulation caused by good posture allows your body to get the oxygen it desperately needs to survive. Increasing the oxygen levels in your blood and lungs leads to vastly improved energy levels. With your body functioning at its highest level you’ll find that you have an easier time doing tasks that previously may have fatigued you.