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Back pain is one of the most challenging illnesses, with the highest rate of discomfort, especially in old age, as experts reveal. The defect has been one of the leading causes of disability. There are several roots to back pain. Among the leading ones, they include the wrong approach when lifting objects, improper sitting posture, and uncomfortable sleeping positions.

Sleeping position ranks amongst the meekest causes to handle. It calls for one to change their sleeping habits or invest in a better mattress and bed. According to experts, one is likely to suffer from chronic back pain if the bed is too firm. Such people may develop other issues like sleeplessness, leg pain, and severe discomfort.

However, getting a soft mattress is not the best solution, as it has some disadvantages too. It is the primary cause of hammock issues. Secondly, it encourages poor sleeping position, which is among the primary causes of chronic back pain. Getting a mattress that is not too soft yet not too firm is the best option to eradicate the complications and improve comfort.

There are several options when shopping for a mattress with comfort and safety as considerations. The recommendations vary in price, but they serve the same objective. Here are examples that one may consider.


This option comes in medium-firm, offering the required comfort and recommended sleeping position. It is ideal for anyone suffering from back pain. The mattress features Bio-Pur, a memory foam that makes it more comfortable.


Nectar mattress features ultimate comfort for anyone struggling with back pain, with memory foam. It comes with three layers of cushion, encouraging one to sleep as recommended by the experts. The mattress comes in medium-firm, making it an excellent option to soothe severe back pain.


Experts suggest that a mattress that features 100% memory foam may not be a decent option for someone who turns a lot when asleep. They feature excessive heat, causing discomfort. The BeautyRest mattress balances the heat, courtesy of its construction that combines memory foam with traditional materials.

When back pain becomes a chronic issue, there are other options besides seeking medical attention. They include adjusting one’s lifestyle, changing the type of shoes, upgrading the mattress and the bed. Observing the recommended sitting position is also a wise move to solve the problem. Finding the primary cause is the best starting point to understand where one needs to emphasize.