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If you’re a healthcare professional in today’s world, you have a pretty absurd amount of access to information and knowledge. There’s always the classic blog, but the Internet has made it possible to learn and form opinions in ways we never imagined before. Podcasts are particularly popular, as they are easy for anybody to make in their free time. Another popular method is YouTube videos. On YouTube, you can easily find great TED Talks that healthcare professionals have given discussing the problems in the field and offering potential solutions to those problems. They’re also often a great source of inspiration. Here are a few of the best TED Talks available on healthcare.

Medicine’s Future? There’s an App for That – Daniel Kraft

It’s clear that technology is constantly improving, and it’s no wonder that there are new tools and techniques being developed that can help improve the quality of healthcare. In his TED Talk, Daniel Kraft talks about the future of medicine and discusses the various innovations that will make it easier for patients to receive vital information, using modern-day tools such as the applications we can download on our mobile phones and tablets.

Are We Over-Medicalized? – Ivan Oransky

In his TED Talk, Ivan Oransky, the executive health editor of Health Management Today, discusses the epidemic of pre-diabetes and other medically significant conditions that are threatening to overwhelm the healthcare industry. He discusses the ways in which the industry can stop the false marketing of prevention products using lessons taken from the popular American pastime, baseball.

A Hospital Tour in Nigeria – Seyi Oyesola

As the creator of the Hospital in a Box, Dr. Seyi Oyesola talks about the current state of healthcare in Africa. In his presentation, he takes a deep dive into the various aspects of the healthcare industry in the underdeveloped countries of the continent. One of the subjects of his talk is a hospital in Nigeria that’s barely surviving on donations.

Pool Medical Patents, Save Lives – Ellen ‘t Hoen

In her presentation, Ellen ‘t Hoen, a medical law expert, discusses the Medicines Patent Pool, which is a new initiative that aims to help fund the development of new medications for developing countries. Since the cost of developing new drugs can be very high in developing countries, the pool can help ensure that the most effective and affordable medicines are available to everyone.