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Neck pain ranges from annoying to downright disabling. Cracking your neck seems like instant relief, right? Sometimes, that is the case, but amateur neck-cracking can do more harm than good. As some recent viral videos show, neck-cracking is best left to the professionals, and chiropractors weigh why this trend is so dangerous. Let’s read about what they have to say.

 Neck-cracking and the Viral Video Influence

 Recently, a TikTok user named Kaden Thaddeus (@ur.boi) posted a video in which, from his hospital room, he warns others not to engage in amateur neck-cracking. The next day, he posted another video, showing himself in a neck brace. He admitted that he had cracked his neck the previous morning so hard that it turned his head sideways. Stabbing pain sent him to the emergency room.

 Damage Resulting From Amateur Neck-cracking

 Amateur neck-cracking can result in pinching a nerve, which immobilizes the cervical spine. A constantly cracking neck could be a sign of hypermobility in the joints. When a person continually cracks their neck, the surrounding ligaments in those joints can become permanently stretched. The more a person cracks their neck, the more prone they become to developing osteoarthritis.

 Additionally, there are numerous blood vessels in the neck. One could potentially be punctured while cracking your neck. Cracking can also cause blood clots to develop, which can block blood flow to the brain.

 Seeking Chiropractic Care

 Chiropractic care can help ease neck pain and prevent further complications caused by amateur neck cracking. Chiropractic care focuses on relieving pain around the spine and, overall, the entire body. Not only can chiropractors conduct spinal manipulations, but they can help patients correct their posture and guide them with at-home treatment programs.

 Chiropractors know the musculoskeletal system and are educated on how and where to apply pressure during adjustments. This causes the joint’s two opposing surfaces to separate, causing negative pressure on the synovial fluid to form a gas bubble. The bubble then collapses and causes a cracking sound. This is a natural and safe way to alleviate pain and pressure in the spine, so the cracking is heard when a spinal adjustment is normal.

 Amateur neck-cracking is dangerous but all-too-common, as these recent viral videos suggest. Those experiencing chronic neck pain should consider seeking the help of a chiropractor; it is much less painful than ending up in the hospital with an immobilized neck.