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Visits to the chiropractor can be an excellent investment. Taking care of the spine and joints is a great way to ensure that things are working well and that no problems are developing. Chiropractors can provide real relief for back pain, neck pain, and other issues. With their skilled manipulations, chiropractors also help improve blood flow and nerve connectivity throughout the body. But what can patients do to maintain these gains between appointments?

People should be aware of their movements and not put any undue strain on their back or joints between appointments with their chiropractor. New injuries can complicate treatment. This might mean avoiding some favorite hobbies. But it’s crucial to let the body heal before straining it again. A little common-sense self-care is also a great idea. Adequate rest, hydration, and exercise are three of the key tasks anyone can do to support their health between spinal adjustment appointments.

Rest is one of the most important gifts anyone can give their body. Sleep is a time when the body can repair itself, revisit injuries, and heal. Even after workouts, rest is the time when muscles build and recover. Adequate sleep is also one of the most effective ways to address issues like stress and anxiety. Getting enough rest between appointments will make it easier for the body to heal from manipulations and be ready for more work later.

The human body is about 60% water. People function best when they’re well-hydrated. Water helps bring nutrients to cells and remove waste products. It’s vital for cushioning in the joints. Proper hydration makes it easier for your joints to heal and adjust to healthier positions after chiropractic appointments. Drinking water between visits is an important way to support the body’s health.

It’s a good idea to get advice from the chiropractor before embarking on a new exercise program. Often, stretching, leg lifts, and other exercises may be prescribed during treatment. If that’s the case, stick to the program. Chiropractors assign exercises because they know it will help improve the body’s condition. Of course, if there’s an unusual amount of pain during a workout, people should always stop. Any moments like that should be reported at the next appointment.